On Earth Day 2017 Julie linked arms with fellow-scientists and friends as she walked down Market Street Philadelphia in the March for Science. In the drizzle, she heard people chant “Tell me what democracy looks like!” And, she joined the chant in reply “This is what democracy looks like!” The time to engage had come.

Julie has always believed in voting for individuals who are fair-minded, honest and wedded to their ideals rather than to a political machine. She had been registered as Republican. But this Presidential election was a call to action. It was clear that we all urgently need to do our civic duty. We need to speak out for ethics in politics, gun control and fair immigration laws. We need affordable health care for all. We need to stand against sexual harassment and the skyrocketing national debt and stand for protection of the environment. The arch-conservatives who kowtow to the Trump agenda now hold sway over the Republican party and Julie is now a proud Democrat. She stands with the party that supports her ideals. She is firmly committed to working tirelessly in a new, blue Congress for our values and the issues of District 5.