Re-establish trust in our government by operating and holding others to the highest ethical standards expected of public officials.

Promote the American Dream: Freedom and Opportunity for our citizens. Strengthen the economy by creating more jobs with livable wages. Protect social security. Defend all intellectual property. Assure prudent regulation of industry with oversight and enforcement. Reduce the federal debt.

Bring Americans together by bipartisan actions that defend individual freedoms and support timely and accurate information for all. Act as a responsible member of the global community while protecting American interests and promoting fair treatment for American citizens. Support foreign governments and global initiatives that promote environmental standards and human rights for all.

Establish immigration policies that allow a legal and enforceable return to the principles symbolized by “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

Actively foster science and industry in support of human and environment health including agriculture, global climate change, drug addiction and mental health. Apply regulations with enforcement as appropriate. Invest in America’s transportation and energy infrastructure.

Assure all Americans have access to basic health care. Support affordable college and vocational training to all motivated Americans meeting minimum standards.

Support a strong military and intelligence presence with the ability to defend ourselves and our allies from physical and cyber attacks. Confront global threats and terrorism with diplomacy and a strong state department while maintaining the ability to respond with force.