Income and Wealth Inequality, and Benefit Programs

1) To what level and by what date would you raise the minimum wage to ensure it provides a sustainable living wage?

  • Minimum wage should be raised to $10.00/hr in 2019 and raised incremental by $1/hr above inflation until $15/hr is reached. An analysis of the impact on workers (job losses) and businesses (small and large) should be performed and made available to the public each year.
2) Would you support a single-payer health care system or seek to improve Obamacare, and how?
  • I believe that health insurance should be non-profit and I support extending Medicare to all as a form of single pay. I would support a private service option for those who want additional services, akin to the plan in Germany which works well. I also support instituting an electronic medical records system that would provide confidential, but accessible, information to service providers and patients.
3) How would you support workplace unions?
  • I support unions and reasonable union dues to those unions. Where the majority of workers have come together to secure better wages and conditions, all those who benefit should also contribute.
4) What reforms do you support for the banking system?
  • I support the Dodd-Frank bill and the emphasis for enforcement should be the largest banks rather than the smallest.
Campaign Finance and Voting Rights

1) Would you support complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns, including disclosure of all spending by wealthy donors?

  • Yes. I believe that visibility of all significant donations is needed.
2) Would you impose an individual and corporate cap on spending that applied to other types of political financing such as Super-PACs, advocacy groups and lobbyists?
  • Yes. Clearly the recent shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shows the need for immediate action in reforming gun control. But the insidious roots grown by accepting campaign funds from the NRA has distorted the logic of too many of our public servants. I do not yet have a complete list of organizations or individuals from whom I would accept large contributions. Those I would not accept donations from include: NRA, Cattlemens Association, American Dairy Council, and big Pharma.

    Specifically, in reference to the beef and dairy organizations, data exits regarding the harmful effects of animal products on human health (see T. Colin Campbell, The China Study) for supporting data. After citing numerous peer-reviewed studies supporting his position, Campbell writes “The covenant of trust between the US and government and the American citizen has been broken. The United States government is not only failing to put out our fires, it is actively fanning the flames”. Despite data to support the negative effects of casein, a protein in milk, the ChooseMyPlate.gov website recommends three cups of milk per day for adults. This needs to change starting with an examination of the Food and Nutrition Board.

3) What reforms would you support to make it easier to vote in Federal elections? (e.g., early voting, same day registration, a Federal Holiday on Election Day, Federal standards for voting rights in all states, a Constitutional Amendment establishing Voting Rights, restoration of the Voting Rights Act to its original scope, any or all of these choices?)
  • I support all of the above except for a Federal Holiday on Election Day.
4) Would you support a publicly financed system of campaign financing?
  • Yes. I also support a cap on campaign spending at all levels.
Climate Change. Would you support:

The effects of our actions on climate change are irrefutable. Immediate and dramatic changes are required in almost all segments of our society. As such, my plan would be to reduce or remove certain activities until a detailed study would provide me with the confidence that those activities could be safely conducted without environmental implications. I have no desire to arbitrarily regulate or restrict business opportunities and growth; but there is no doubt that the impact of our actions today will affect future generations. It is our obligation to seek solutions that protect our environment. Choices will have to be made, but I would like to make them with the data in hand.

1) A tax on carbon?

  • No. I fear this will lead to bureaucracy that fails to regulate and encourages “gaming” the system. Instead, we need to support climate change research and entice our climate change scientists to return from France to the US. We need to allow EPA and USDA scientists to speak openly about their research without fear of reprisal. And, most importantly, we need to discuss publicly and honestly the effect of animal farming and methane on our environment.
2) A full or partial ban on offshore drilling?
  • I support an immediate ban until data generated by a third party convinces us that a permanent ban is not necessary for environmental protection.
3) A ban, or other limitation, on fracking?
  • I support an immediate reduction until data generated by a third party convinces us that a permanent ban is not necessary for environmental protection. Data should include disposal of fracking waste and impacts on groundwater supplies and destabilization such as occurred in Oklahoma under Pruitt’s term.
4) A ban on mountaintop removal mining?
  • Yes, as the pilings can avalanche. I would support strengthening and enforcing remedial actions which also consider impacts on local communities due to transport and local processing.
5) Legislation requiring 100% clean energy by a date certain and the funding needed to make it a reality?
  • Yes, I would support this with immediate funding.
Immigration. Do you believe we should:

1) Provide a path toward citizenship for the 11 million residents who are here without papers?

  • I fully support having DACA residents remain in this country, with a clear path toward citizenship. Further, I support an immediate reform of our immigration laws, such that we can all operate under the same law. I support immigration reform that eliminates the need for Sanctuary cities. However, until the law can be properly reformed, deportation of people with no criminal record should be limited.
2) Allow non-citizens to buy health insurance under Obamacare?
  • Anyone who pays taxes should be able to buy health care.
3) End the dumping of Central American immigrants in dangerous locations in their home countries?
  • Yes. See next point.
4) Allow Syrian refugees and others subject to political violence to settle in this country?
  • We need to allow immigrants from ALL nations to enter the country, ESPECIALLY those fleeing from desperate conditions at home. I support the required background checks for any person entering this country, to ensure the safety and security of our current citizens. However, I do not support restrictions on immigration based on country of origin, religious or ethnic backgrounds. This country was founded by immigrants, and immigration remains a way to attract talented and energetic people who want to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from our American democracy.
Racial Justice. Do you believe the federal government should:

1) Provide incentives, or mandates, to:

  1. increase diversity in local police forces?


  2. require police to use body cameras?


  3. promote community policing?

    YES. The example of Kennett Square shows this can work well.

2) Ban private prisons?

  • YES
3) Ban the box that requires job applicants to declare prior arrests?
  • My position on this is still under development.
4) Require that the environmental analysis for a permit for a polluting facility must consider both the disparate and cumulative environmental burden borne by a community?
  • YES
Women's Rights. Do you support:

1) Enacting legislation to end wage discrimination based on gender?

  • YES
2) Guaranteeing affordable child care for every child?
  • This can be worked toward. If/when implemented, it should be at the state level.
3) Requiring employers to provide paid family leave, paid vacation and paid sick days for every American worker?
  • Yes with caps for the amount of paid family leave.
4) Providing federal funding for the full range of women's healthcare including her right to choose options?
  • Yes
War and Peace. Do you think the federal government should:

1) Repeal or modify the Patriot Act?

  • I believe that civil liberties must be protected. The amendment of the Section 215 to stop mass phone data collection and to access data only from targeted individuals with permission from a federal court is very positive. Beyond that, I have no specific position at this time.
2) Bar the US from torturing prisoners under any and all circumstances?
  • YES
3) Cut the defense budget to instead support spending on health care and social service priorities at home?
  • I support a strong military but choices must be made and increases in budget must be justified.
4) Ban first use of nuclear weapons and renew arms negotiations to lower nuclear stockpiles?
  • YES
Corporate Tax Policy. Do you think we should:

1) Repeal loopholes and tax subsidies throughout the federal tax code that benefit oil, natural gas, and coal special interests?

  • YES
2) Reverse or modify the Trump tax bill’s corporate tax cuts in any particular way?
  • I would raise the cut to 25% and close ALL loopholes.

1) What is your view of the appropriate role of testing in student and school evaluations?

  • My position is still under development.
2) How, if at all, should the federal government promote equity in school district funding?
  • At this time, I believe that the Federal government should not have control but should have a role in oversight that assures that ALL school districts have sufficient funds to operate, however, my position on education is still under development.
Disability Advocacy

1) Medical marijuana is a known treatment that provides enormous benefit, but even with legalization it is still extremely difficult to obtain due to supply, insurance, and dangerous or inaccessible locations of dispensaries. There is also a need for more awareness and training among medical providers. How will you address this side of the pain management crisis?

  • I support legalizing medical marijuana but I have no specific position on support training at this time.
2) People with disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of crime as those without disabilities. People with disabilities also are far more likely to suffer from police violence, partially because manifestations of disability can be misunderstood as defiant behavior. What legislation may help to address these issues?
  • I have no specific position at this time.
3) How will you help to ensure that students with disabilities receive the supports they require under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and/or Section 504 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and that these protections are not dismantled?
  • I have no specific position at this time.
4) Do you have a plan to ensure people are eligible for affordable health insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions? If yes, please describe.
  • I believe that health insurance should be non-profit and I support extending Medicare to all as a form of single pay regardless of pre-existing conditions.

1) Should the state and federal governments be enabled and funded to keep detailed gun-death statistics so that gun deaths can be studied as a public health issue the way AIDS, cancer, and other causes of death are studied?

  • YES
2) What are your proposals to reduce gun deaths (from homicides, suicides, and accidents)?
  • The work initiated at the CDC to study the issue of gun deaths should be reinstated. Background checks should be mandatory for all guns. The sale of assault-style weapons should be restricted. We need additional measures to secure safety in our schools; however, I absolutely do not support weaponizing teachers. I support improving mental health treatments, but do not believe this is the only, or main, cause of gun-related deaths in this country.
3) Do you believe all gun owners should be:
  1. licensed following a background check?


  2. be trained and certified as proficient in gun safety?


  3. Carry liability insurance?

    I do not feel this should be required.

  4. Have to register each weapon and report all stolen or missing guns?