Julie is a Ph.D. scientist and successful entrepreneur. She is a fresh face with decades of business experience. She understands the issues that face us in our increasingly complex world. She will make decisions that work for and protect all of us. Her mission is the American dream of individual freedom and opportunity for all the people in District 5.

Julie envisions a stronger nation where we face facts with courage and where our public officials are held to the highest ethical standards.

As a successful entrepreneur, Julie understands that we exist with budgets as well as beliefs. But as Representative Joe Kennedy said, “We choose both!” Julie’s business experience gives her the leadership and skills to fight for fiscal responsibility without the backbiting and bitterness that has fouled our partisan congress.

Julie grew up, the sixth of seven children, in a small home in Oreland, Montgomery County. Her parents and teachers taught her to work hard and instilled a sense of duty to country and community. For the last two decades, Julie has lived in Garnet Valley, Delaware County where she founded a regulatory consulting company. She is proud to have created employment for many talented citizens in the area.

Julie is currently the Chair-Elect for the AGRO division of the American Chemical Society.